2 intense days with practice and very powerful techniques

Self-hypnosis part:

What you will be able to do after taking this self-hypnosis workshop?

  • Reduce stress level in seconds!
  • Overcome procrastination (“I will do it tomorrow” syndrome) in many subjects
  • Remove unhealthy habits and build great ones
  • Adjust positive emotions and positive states to any situation you want (you will be more effective in business meetings, taking exams, giving presentations etc)
  • Communicate with your subconscious mind and make better decisions in your life

Everything mentioned above you will be doing in “21st century way”: very easy, very fast and very effective!


  • Dynamic selfhypnosis:
    * emotional super-training
    * emotional-emergency selfhypnosis
  • Anchor’s selfhypnosis
    * super-fast relaxation
    * conscious – subconscious communication system
    * algorithm of change (basic self parts-therapy)
    * primary self-regression therapy
  • Automatic selfhypnosis
    * Dave’s Elman’s induction in selfhypnosis
    * habits and beliefs building system

Lucid Dreaming part:

Imagine another world that you can experience with all your senses.
A world that you can travel through consciously and do there whatever you wish for, without any boundaries.
Imagine being like Neo in Matrix 😉

To many people Lucid Dreams are just playtime, but not for me.
Thanks to working with this field I expanded my consciousness & knowledge about our reality.
And our reality doesn’t different that much from our dreams.
Many people are going through their entire lives being dormant
They are asleep and they are dreaming someone’s dream.

So here is a time for you to wake yourself up.
Wake up and see the whole world like you’ve never seen before.
Wake up within your dream.
Wake up within your life.

…or you can look at this part less from philosophical point of view, and more in a practical way.
You are sleeping through 1/3 of your life.
For average person it’s 25-30 years of sleep!
Till this point you’ve only used this time for regeneration.
And you can use it for self-development and self-therapy while having amazing experiences. You can use it for problem solving, and for creative purposes.


  • Combining hypnosis with lucid dreaming techniques
    * ultimate dream recall methodology (remember your dreams from every night)
    * spontaneous Lucid Dreams (hypnotic lucidity anchors within dreams)
    * how to avoid “near lucid dreams”
    * direct entrance into lucid dreams (hypnotic WILD technique)

Ultimate Deep Trances part:

Attention: This part was originally designed for hypnotherapists to incerase effectiveness in working with clients, but…
Because we want all the participants to benefit from the whole material, I adapted it for non-professionals also.

Benefits for hypnotherapists:

The deeper your client goes the faster, easier, and effective your work is.

  • Do you want to know how to experience the phenomenon of hypnotic amnesia even if you could not forget anything in hypnosis before?
  • Do you want to know how to increase the clarity and detail of your hypnotic regressions? Or maybe overcome „I don’t see anything” syndrome if you couldn’t experience regression at all?
  • Do you want to know how to reach visual hallucination even if you think it is impossible for you?
  • Do you want to know how to experience deep somnambulism even if you could not have done so far?

All of the above you will be able to produce easily for ALL of your clients also!


  • Ultimate Contract for minimizing unpredictability in your hypnotherapy sessions so that you have full control over them.
    * failsafe protocol
    * „status games” in hypnotherapy office
    * role setting and guarding
  • Dave Elman Induction as a Ultimate Tool for spotting what is blocking your client from using full potential of hypnosis.
    * all the LITTLE FEARS behind the visions of hypnosis and functions of the conscious mind AND how to overcome them.

Benefits for all participants:

  • Upgrade for self-hypnosis techniques and understanding of how mind works
  • Better communication skills
  • Lower stress-level in daily interactions with people

To all points of the program are given contexts for general usage

Who is the person that claims he can deliver to you those values?

Me-howMy name is Michał Cieślakowski.

Hypnosis is my passion, my hobby, my work, my life.

It is impossible to count the audios, videos and books that I have absorbed.

I’ve learned the most (apart from independent practice of course) by participating in many live hypnosis training.

And I’ve learned this art from the best:

  • Gerald Kein – „Basic and Advanced Course in Hypnosis”
  • Christopher Carres – „Basic Stage Hypnosis”
  • Michael Perez – „Analog Hypnosis”
  • James Tripp – „Hypnosis without Transe”
  • Igor Ledochowski – „Conversational Hypnosis”
  • Larry Elman and Cheryl Elman from the Dave Elman Institute of Hypnosis – „Best Practices”
  • Sean Michael Andrews – „Fast and Instant Hypnosis”
  • Jørgen Rasmussen – „Provocative Hypnosis”
  • Roy Hunter – „Hypnotic Regression”.
  • Roy Hunter – „Part Therapy”.
  • Ron Eslinger – „Hypnotic Pain Control”.
  • Ines Simpson – „Simpson Protocol, working interactively in the state of Esdaile (hypnotic coma)”.
  • Claude Ribaux – „Active-Alert Hypnosis”.
  • Bob Burns – „The Swan”
  • Marc Savard – „Professional Stage Hypnosis”
  • Mark Cunningham – „Renegade Hypnotist: Sexual and Erotic Hypnosis”
  • Michael C Anthony – „Hypnosis for stage, street and profit”
  • Kaz Riley – „Sexual Freedom Hypnosis”

There are people who participated in dozens of courses and are not able to get you into a good trance.

But I am above all a practitioner who has been running his own hypnosis office and his own trainings for years.

So far, during therapy and development sessions I’ve hypnotized thousands of people, and for over 2000 hours of workshops I organized – I’ve trained hundreds.

I conducted lectures, presentations and demonstrations for universities (University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics), corporate clients (including Coca Cola co., Procter & Gamble) and at international hypnosis conferences in Sao Paulo (HipnoSur) and Belo Horizonte (Convencao Brasileira de Hipnose), in Zurich (Hypnose Kongress), New Yourk (HypnoBiz) and London (UK Hypnosis Convention).

My fields of expertise are: experimental hypnosis, working with deep hypnosis and phenomena of deep hypnotic trance, and also hypnotic work with sleep and dreams.

When, where and for how much can you participate in this training?

Dates and locations

18-19 June 2022 – Reykjavik, Iceland


I think this training is priceless, but you can get in for 447 Euro

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