Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy:
From Basic to Advanced Training
(in English)

8 days of training with the best hypnosis school in the world.

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center exists since 1979. It was founded by Gerald F. Kein quickly earned the title of the best hypnosis school in the world.

Among the names of the most successful hypnotists and hypnotherapists, most have trained at OMNI HTC.

The curriculum has an international quality certificate ISO 9001

This means that regardless of which OMNI Hypnosis Training Center you study at – you get the same quality and the same curriculum.

The hypnotic process that you learn at the training also has ISO 9001.

This means that the techniques you learn, as well as the system of hypnotherapy, are reproducible, giving very high efficiency in working with people.

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center was the first (and only) hypnosis school to obtain these certificates.

What will you gain from this training?

  • The work of the „future” in a field that is once again experiencing its golden years and developing incredibly fast
  • The ability to effectively heal people from mental and psychosomatic problems. The initial effectiveness is 80% on average, but over time you can freely exceed 96%.
  • Earnings ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 Euros per month or even more, depending on whether you treat hypnosis on a casual or full-time basis.
  • An inexhaustible and reliable source of income. Even if all people in the world would free themselves from most of their problems (unlikely scenario), you can use hypnosis to help for mental, professional or spiritual development
  • Tools by which the greatest hypnotists heal and heal people from diseases that Western medicine considers incurable
  • A job that has something in it that attracts people and makes customers very often „find themselves alone”.
  • A job where you will do what you love and love what you do

Training program

  • history of hypnosis
  • fast and instant hypnosis for advances learners
  • Gerald Kein‘s “universal therapy”
  • semantics/theory of meaning
  • regression techniques step by step
  • structure of positive suggestion
  • regression examples
  • pre-talk of a therapy
  • hypnosis gestalt therapy
  • development of rapport and therapy
  • evolve the client’s goals
  • hypnosis therapy for abreactions
  • determination and suggestibility
  • elimination of fears & phobias
  • stop smoking
  • testing suggestibility
  • pain control techniques
  • bypassing resistances
  • armchair and deathbed therapy
  • role of the conscious mind
  • role of the unconscious mind
  • methods for forgiveness therapy
  • guidelines for a successful transformation
  • Ultra-Height© & Ultra-Healing®
  • hypnotic coma (Esdaile state)
  • traditional classification of hypnosis
  • unique fast- rapid- und confusion techniques
  • secret methods for hypnotic inductions
  • secret methods for hypnotic suggestions
  • trance management
  • trance deepening techniques
  • measuring reactions and trance depth
  • methods to achieve deep trance!
  • waking hypnosis methods
  • direct suggestion techniques
  • conditioned response techniques
  • how to teach self-hypnosis to a client (light switch technique)
  • how to achieve hypnotic coma
  • hypnotic seal – how to recognize and bypass it

Live demonstrations, audio segments and videos enriching the course.

You will also get a thick, full of knowledge student manual which includes:


  • Inappropriate Words
  • Hypnosis Vocabulary
  • Gerald Kein’s Hypnosis and the Mind Model
  • Pre-Induction Interview
  • The Pre-Talk
  • The Four Mental Attitudes
  • Dave Elman Induction
  • Elman Induction Modifications
  • Emerging Techniques
  • Waking Hypnosis
  • Progressive Relaxation Induction, Disguised Technique
  • Sensi-Motor Technique
  • Rules of the Mind
  • Methods for Deepening
  • Test sfor Depth
  • Sounds Around Patter
  • Seven Keys to Direct Suggestion Success
  • Client History Form
  • Client Worksheet
  • Regression Worksheet
  • Physician Referral Form
  • Self-Hypnosis Instructions
  • Self-Hypnosis Deepening Standard Version
  • Self-Hypnosis Suggestions
  • Instant and Rapid Inductions
  • Hand Drop Induction
  • The Hypnotic Seal
  • Achieving the Coma State
  • Coma State Testing
  • Story of Jane Outline
  • Universal Therapy Example
  • Grey Room
  • Stems Technique
  • Hall of Regression
  • Regression
  • Regression Technique Instructions
  • Regression Patter
  • Fear of Bridges
  • Step by Step Fear Removal
  • Phobia Therapy
  • Chair/Deathbed Therapy
  • Ultra-Height Hypnosis
  • Ultra-Height® Hypnosis Phrasing
  • Past Life Regression Data Sheet
  • Typical Session Outline
  • Miscellaneous: Remember This
  • Jerry’s & Hansruedi’s Reading List

Who conducts the OMNI Hypnosis training in Poland?


I’m Michał Cieślakowski, born in 1982.


Hypnosis is my passion, my hobby, and my life.

I can’t even enumerate how many books, audios and video materials about hypnosis I have absorbed over the years on my way to be where I am today.


Most fruitful (besides my private practice that is) were to me countless hands-on workshops, and I did learn the craft from the best:

  • Gerald Kein – „Basic and Advanced Course of Hypnosis” (rounded off with the international examination and certification of the National Board of Hypnosis)
  • Christopher Carres – „Basic Stage Hypnosis”
  • Michael Perez – „Analog Hypnosis”
  • James Tripp – „Hypnosis without Trance”
  • Igor Ledochowski – „Conversational Hypnosis”
  • Larry Elman and Cheryl Elman form the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute: DEHI – „The best practices”
  • Sean Michael Andrews – „Instant and Rapid Hypnosis”
  • Jørgen Rasmussen – „Provocative Hypnosis”
  • Roy Hunter – „Hypnotic Regression”
  • Roy Hunter – „Parths Therapy”
  • Ron Eslinger – „Hypnotic Pain Managment”
  • Ines Simpson – „Simpson Protocol, interactive working in the Esdaile State (a hypnotic coma)”
  • Claude Ribaux – „Active-Alert Hypnosis”
  • Bob Burns – „The Swan”
  • Marc Savard – „Professional Stage Hypnosis”
  • Mark Cunningham – „Renegade Hypnotist”
  • Kaz Riley – „Sexual Freedom Hypnosis”


There are people who attended hundreds of courses and yet they are unable to put a person into a hypnotic trans.

But I am mainly a true practitioner, who attends clients in his office for years, teaching at the same time his own classes – the Omni Training but also personally tailored educational programs.


During therapeutic and coaching sessions I have hypnotised thousands of people, and throughout over the thousand hours of trainings I taught hundreds of people.


I gave lectures, presentations and demonstrations for universities (Warsaw University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics), corporate clients (e.g., Coca Cola Co., Procter & Gamble) and I was a presenter on many international hypnotic conferences, such as HipnoSur in Sao Paulo, Convencao Brasileira de Hipnose in Belo Horizonte, Hypnose Kongress in Zurich, the UK Hypnosis Convention – the biggest European conference, held in London, HypnoBiz in New York, HypnoThoughs in Las Vegas.

Even more reasons to pick this exact training

  • Take your therapeutic skills to the next level to work in a sensitive but still target and result oriented manner and make a name for yourself through the help you provided.
  • Gain step by step the abilities to succeed in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Discover easy to learn advanced techniques.
  • Learn how to hypnotize on the first day, and in the course of the entire training turn into a confident and successful hypnotist.
  • Get educated in the application of OMNI therapies which consolidate both the newest, modern-day techniques and classical approaches.
  • Experience the highly energetic approach of your instructor which guarantees excitement and constant interest towards the course’s content.
  • Get the access to the international search platform OMNI-Finder so your potential clients will find you easier.
  • Become a part of the worldwide network to access to the knowledge and experience of thousands of hypnotists all around the world (other alumni and instructors). We maintain exclusive online platforms for everyday exchanges and valuable networking

After passing your exam, you will get a representative and well established professional title of Hypnotherapist from two most important institutions within the field. Since our high quality hypnosis training is part of the course-curriculum at the following organizations:

  1. National Guild of Hypnotists (The NGH is worldwide the oldest and biggest hypnosis organization.)
  2. International Board Of Hypnosis Education And Certification (it assures the quality and certification processes within the field of hypnosis)

In case of any questions, just contact the trainer directly: +48 606101501

Additionally: Get the access the Omni International Educational Platform

OMNI Hypnosis offers a constantly growing educational platform.

It includes over 80 demonstrations of the entire OMNI hypnotherapeutic processes, in languages such as: English, German, Portuguese, Dutch.

Videos – over 120 technical videos & articles (Engl.) by and with Jerry Kein, the founder, and Hansruedi Wipf are available to deepen or refresh the knowledge or as download.

  • Induction of „pretending” for children
  • Session of Direct Suggestions
  • Chair and Deathbed Therapy
  • Universal Therapy
  • Archival Dave Elman’s recording of curing a stutter in less than 20 minutes.
  • Additional motivational and marketing tools.

And here are some student reviews

Finally coherent, pragmatic and genius in its simplicity knowledge. Marvellous training. Entirely fulfilled my expectations and dreams!!!

Anna Proch, psychologist, graduated as clinical psychologist from the University SWPS

Highly professional and competent. A large number of exercises, which shuttered my doubts. I’m especially happy for the high quality of the training, the trainer has many didactic skills.

Andrzej Mróz, MD, surgeon, urologist

The training overgrow my wildest expectations. Apart from the enormous knowledge, the most precious for me was the high dosage of practice. I grade the training with A+, and I’ll surely come back for more experiences.

Hubert Bezler, personal trainer

JI am impressed by the level of the knowledge we were given and the atmosphere of the training, which made studying fun. The unique knowledge and the possibility for practice right then and right there, as much as we needed.

Marcin Grzesik

High level of the merit. The adequate way of communication. I’m fascinated by the method, its possibilities and its simplicity. Great respect and many thanks to the instructor, Michał Cieślakowski.

Anita Janecka-Mazurkiewicz, MD, general practitioner and cardiologist

Very OK. For me – a balance of the theory and practice, an inspiring group and a competent trainer.

Jerzy Pocica, CEO in Sokrates Akademia Rozwoju

Amazing! Great atmosphere. Michał, you are a great trainer! The most priceless? Knowledge, the infos – extremely concrete, useful, the way you explain – easily, humorously, extremely good tips concerning our private practices. Thank you for the best training I have ever attended.

Julia Świątkowska

ADDITIONAL values which you will receive as a FREE BONUS (only in OMNI Hypnosis Poland):

  • 2 weeks before the start of the course you will be given access to the videos: „Totally Working with Deep Hypnosis”. This is Michał Cieślakowski’s original and internationally acclaimed approach to optimizing the processes of hypnotherapy and acting with the phenomena of deep hypnosis. VALUE: 397 Euros
  • A set of recordings audio recordings „Hypnotherapist of Success”, which includes: an instructional recording, 2 recordings of deep self-hypnosis training and 7 main modules, each of which is an educational recording and a hypnotic recording. Also a bonus recording. A total of 18 high quality recordings. VALUE: 497 Euros
  • Additional 8th day of training (the original course is 7 days long) during which you will learn the minutest details and nuances that the instructor has learned from the world’s most prominent hypnotherapists. VALUE: Priceless!

Where the course is held and how much is it for you to join in?

Trainings take place in OMNI Hypnosis Trainig Center®, Warsaw.

The training is conducted by the Certified OMNI Instructor – Michał Cieślakowski.


14 Feb – 21 Feb of 2021


Classes are held daily from 9 am till 6 pm, on the last we finish around 3 pm.


This professional training costs 2270 Euros (all bonuses INCLUDED)


You can pay in installments through bank transfer, the PayU system, or PayPal.

We guarantee your satisfaction – if till the end of the first day you will decide that it is not something suited for you, you will get your money back, no questions asked (apart from the registration fee of 200 Euros).

Call +48 606101501 for more information or Sign up NOW

After registration you'll recieve payment details.

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