At all times, we try to raise not only our competence, but the quality of hypnosis in Poland and in the world.

In July this year, the 9th edition of the Masters of Hypnosis workshop will be held.

Meet James Brown and Aaron Alexander – hypnotists, hypnotherapists, magicians and mentalists… the Grandmasters.



In the Bending Worlds weekend, James Brown and Aaron Alexander give the real goods on how to
confidently demonstrate hypnosis and other mind-body effects in any setting.

They draw on decades of experience in very different backgrounds to give a unique perspective on both the hard and soft skills that are involved in being an unstoppable hypnotist.

• Experience and learn concrete examples of how to explain, demonstrate, and sell your hypnosis anytime and to anyone.

• Learn specific techniques that are ideal for demonstrating how hypnosis works and to draw
participants in to an experience.

• See and experience hypnosis and suggestion demonstrations in many contexts, from a
conversation to a performance to a presentation or lecture or a workshop.

• Get an update in your ability to persuade people (and yourself!) of the reality and untapped
potential of hypnosis based on the latest and most compelling science.

Day 1:

Play, wonder, and how to perform or explain what you do anytime, anywhere, for anyone.
Practice in the real world with one of the best in the business.

Day 2:

The art and the science. Experience an engaging talk and workshop that can be used for any
size of audience, then learn the art and science behind what makes these presentations effective
so that you can create and deliver your own.

Who are Those Guyz?

James Brown has become one of the most sought-after performers in the world thanks to the skills, confidence and insights he has gained from over 25 years of experience hypnosis, magic and theatrical pickpocketing.

He has consulted for top television entertainers including Dynamo and Troy, taught doctors and other medical practitioners about the power of suggestion and hypnosis in medicine, and lectured and teaching on belief and confidence, and connecting through wonder and play.

He has created countless magical experiences as a professional entertainer, blowing minds among even the most reserved audiences from skeptics societies to the royal family.

Aaron Alexander has written, consulted, and lectured for lay, clinical, and academic audiences
around the world—alternatively as an entertainer, and advocate, and a scientist.

His approach weaves together elements of art, science, history, philosophy, and psychology to create genuine
moments of magic and transformation using nothing but the human mind and body.

His creations have also been featured in the acts of the world’s top hypnotists, mentalists, magicians, and other
artists and performers, including Keith Barry and Dynamo.

Aaron currently studies novel interventions for mental health and psychological trauma at the University of British Columbia in Canada.


Day 1

James introduces what mindset you need and how to use the play frame to get better results.

He builds these lessons around concrete demonstrations that you can use in therapeutic practice, in social situations, or presentations.

In the afternoon, Aaron talks about how hypnosis relates to perception and wonder, and some of the art and science behind being able to bend perception in and out of hypnosis settings.

After the main workshop, there is an optional social night out where James leads the way in sharing moments of magic and hypnosis in public.

Day 2

Aaron shares his presentation and mini-workshop on fear, anxiety, and performance that he has been giving in Canada using a modern science-based approach.

Aaron shares his presentation and mini-workshop on fear, anxiety, and performance that he has been giving in Canada using a modern science-based approach.
Experience the presentation in the morning, and in the afternoon, Aaron will explain how the workshop is structured to produce results, how you can do the same, and gives a modern update to the science around hypnosis for change.

James shares his experiences and helps facilitate the lessons and exercises.

Make the most of your time at the workshops.

The course will be conducted in English with a SYMULTANIC translation into Polish. This means that there will be no loss of time for translation (as is the case with many foreign language trainings). Participants will not have to wait for a translation. Polish listeners will receive headsets, and you will participate as if the translation was not there at all.

What else will you get after taking this training?

  • Certificate of completion of training signed by the teacher
  • Access to a closed discussion group intended only for graduates of the course

Where and when will this training be held?

Date: 29-30 June of 2024.

Location: Warsaw

Specific location: Institute of History at Old Town Square

Saturday: 9.00-17.00
Sunday: 11.00-19.00

What is the price of this training?

Your investment in 650 Euros (+23% VAT)

Call +48 606101501 for more information or Sign up NOW

After registration you'll recieve payment details.

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