We always strive to improve not only our skills but also the quality of hypnosis in Poland and around the world.

In November this year, the 10th edition of the Masters of Hypnosis workshop will be held.

Meet Rob De Groof – a master of direct hypnosis who will present the methods of Jeffrey Stephens.

What will you gain from this training?

  • Effectiveness in creating rapid, positive changes in just 20 minutes or less
  • Practical hypnosis induction techniques that you can apply almost anywhere
  • The ability to create lasting, positive changes in your clients

This advanced training program is intended for:

  • Hypnotists and hypnotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Personal and mental trainers
  • Coaches
  • All other professionals involved in human resource development

Primary goals for the training:

  • Mastering Jeffrey Stephens’ 10-step hypnosis process
  • Learning practical methods to apply this system to therapy and developmental work
  • Techniques to increase confidence and effectiveness in working with clients.

What will you learn during the training?

  • Basics of Jeffrey Stephens Protocol: History and principles of the method, standard hypnosis inductions, intensifying the hypnotic state.
  • Practical hypnosis techniques: How to create rapid, positive changes, practical induction exercises, intensifying the hypnotic state.
  • Special nuances and techniques of Jeffrey Stephens: Learn the unique approaches and methods used by Jeffrey Stephens.
  • Hypnotic installations: How to create hypnotic installations that boost confidence, improve concentration, and other skills.
  • Solving problems with hypnosis: How to effectively address issues such as smoking, overweight, insomnia, and many more.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of hypnosis sessions: Techniques that will make your hypnosis sessions more satisfying for clients.
  • Creating lasting, positive changes: How to implement lasting changes in your clients.

What is the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol?

Jeffrey Stephens Protocol is a proven and easy-to-learn system that enables the creation of rapid, positive changes in clients in just 20 minutes or less. This method was developed by Jeffrey Stephens and is used by professional hypnotists worldwide.

Who is Rob De Groof?

Rob De Groof is a renowned trainer and distinguished hypnotist in Europe. He owns the thriving HypnosisCentre.be in Belgium, where he collaborates with a team of skilled hypnotherapists in various cities. As the owner and chief instructor of the European Hypnosis Academy, he has educated many students in the fascinating field of direct hypnosis.

Rob is the official trainer of the techniques developed by his mentor, Jeffrey Stephens, and a certified trainer of Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, Bob Burns’ The Swan, and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. He wrote the book “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists” and runs the online program “The Art of Simple Hypnosis.” Rob has developed various hypnosis protocols, including HypnoFasting, Hypnosis4Golfers, Stop4Ever, and Hypnotic Breast Enlargement. His latest book, “Stop It!” was published in April 2022.

Join us on the second weekend of November for this unique training and gain skills that will transform your hypnosis practice!

Additional Day: Mentalism for Hypnotherapists

The day before the main training begins (Friday), we offer an additional course: “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists,” also led by Rob De Groof.

What will you gain from this training?

  • Introduction to the basics of mentalism
  • Learning techniques such as mind reading, predictions, metal bending, ESP
  • Presentation skills and how to use mentalism as an introduction to hypnosis

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who enjoys entertainment
  • Magicians who want to add elements of mentalism to their performances
  • Hypnotists who want to use mentalism as an introduction to hypnosis
  • Anyone who wants to do something fun at a family or social gathering
  • Fans of the series „The Mentalist” and performers like Derren Brown or Keith Barry

Make the most of your time at the workshops.

The course will be conducted in English with a SYMULTANIC translation into Polish. This means that there will be no loss of time for translation (as is the case with many foreign language trainings). Participants will not have to wait for a translation. Polish listeners will receive headsets, and you will participate as if the translation was not there at all.

What else will you get after taking this training?

  • Printed manual for the training,
  • Certificate of completion of training signed by the teacher
  • Access to a closed discussion group intended only for graduates of the course,
  • Access to the educational platform where you can watch a replay of the entire course as well as many demonstrations of the complete therapeutic process.

Where and when will this training be held?

Date: 29-30 June of 2024.

Location: Warsaw

Specific location: TBA

Your investment:

650 Euros (+23% VAT) for main weekend training

250 Euros (+23% VAT) for friday mentalism training

SAVE 120 EUROS and participate in this 3-day evengt for only 780 Euros (+23% VAT)

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