Make your Dreams come True

Use new generation self-hypnosis system to boost your productivity.

The Hypnotic Productivity will be one of the many topics available on the new generation online self-hypnosis platform.

Together with one of the best hypnotherapists in Poland, we are developing systems:
– hypnotic fast learning
– working hypnotic with sleep and lucid dreams
– hypnotic self esteem
– hypnotic sexual skills
– hypnotic mind of a hypnotherapist
– hypnotic mind of a physiotherapist
– hypnotic money and prosperity

Further systems will be created later.

Hypnotic Productivity in your language?


My name is Michał Cieślakowski and I created a new generation self-hypnotic system for turning dreams into reality.

The Hypnotic Productivity will be one of the first systems available on our platform.

I live in Poland and Polish is my native language.
Every language, every country has its own rules.
And while hypnosis is universal, individual elements of the system require regionalization.
Among others there are all kinds of sayings that are written in the subconscious minds of the inhabitants of a given country.

Can you help me adapt this system to your language?

If yes, I have good news for you!

Let's start exchanging values between us!

YOU to US (until July 31)

The final product „Hypnotic Productivity” will be available for 247 Euro, but you can get involve with this project for 27 Euro.

Why? Because we want people who will be involved, not just those who expect things for free.

We want people who actually will use it, and not just watch and put it on the shelf.

US to YOU (August 1)

We will provide you:
– a new generation self-hypnosis system, thanks to which you will enter the states of deep and stable hypnotic trance in a few seconds. You will also be sure that you are in this state.
– the first recordings of the Hypnotic Productivity and some questions about behavior, thinking and „folk proverbs” in your country

YOU to US (until August 8)

Answers to those questions

US to YOU (August 22)

Full Version of Hypnotic Productivity in your language!

YOU to US (until August 31)

Feedback and testimonial about this product.

US to YOU (September 1)

You will receive from us 147 euros to spend on any products on our platform (!)


ATTENTON! If your language is a language other than English, it is possible that the above dates will be moved forward by about 1 or 2 weeks.

Let's sum up!

For 27 Euro you get access to the new generation self-hypnosis system of the full Hypnotic Productive system, and if you add 2-3 hours of your time to help us improve this product, you’ll also get 147 Euro for other products.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

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