Our team learns from the best hypnosis instructors in the world.

Our goal is not only to incerase our own skills but to elevate the quality of hypnosis in general. That is why we decided to give you possibility to learn from hypnosis masters from all over the world.

In November this year it’s going to be our 6’th edition of Masters of Hypnosis workshops.

Meet Claude Ribaux’a – the best specialist in working with hypnosis through movement.

Meet Active Alert Hypnosis.

What will you gain from this training?

  • possibilities of gaining clients who value quality and innovation
  • effectiveness in building motivation in clients
  • great development and therapeutic methods through which customers will recommend your services

This advanced training program is addressed to:

  • sports psychologists
  • personal trainers
  • mental trainers
  • hypnotists and hypnotherapists
  • coaches
  • all the other professionally engaged in activities that appreciate the development of human resources. in building motivation in customers

Main goals for participants:

  • Achieve proficiency in Active Alert Hypnosis
  • Learn practical methods of applying this system to:
    – sport
    – motivation
    – learning
    – coaching
    – therapy

What is Active Alert Hypnosis?

Active-alert hypnosis is a standardized induction developed and tested by Dr. Éva Bányai in 1970ies in Hungary and at Standford University.

This method involves open eyes, measurable physical activity, but no mention of relaxation or sleep. During the hypnosis the clients pump a stationary bike under heavy load. We use a standard procedure for the induction, with suggestions for alertness, attentiveness and freshness instead of sleep and drowsiness.

Active-alert hypnosis is a gateway into a truly remarkable state of alert, awakened consciousness, free of the habitual distractions of the discursive mind. As such it can provide a healing respite, and individuals can easily learn to seek refuge in this dynamic state of undistracted presence even in the midst of their daily routines. Comparing induction procedures, the active-alert induction shared with the conventional procedure the slowing of left hemispheric processing but the active-alert induction was solely responsible for the improvement in right hemispheric processing.

State achieved by Active-Alert Hypnosis opens the door to using hypnosis in situations that require open eyes and alert attention.

The training is carried out in the most advantageous form:

  • minimum required theory
  • live demonstrations
  • individual exercises in threes (each group of 3 participants will have at their disposal sports equipment for exercise)

Training program:

Day 1 Basics of Active Alert Hypnosis

  • History and state of the art of research, comparison with other inductions
  • Standard induction
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Ego-strengthening. Various inductions
  • Hyperempiria: The search for heightened awareness
  • Regression in an active alert state and abreactions
  • Use personal positive resources and relive past experiences of high competence
  • Swish as a method for re-anchoring
  • Practical exercises

ay 2 Active Alert Hypnosis in action

  • How to work when a customer wants to:
    – To overcome de-motivation
    – Do excellent presentations
    – To master employment interviews
    – Successfully pass examinations, for example for getting the driving licence
    – To overcome stuttering
    – To enhance concentration
    – Help to bring lightness in depressive disgruntlement
    – Eliminate mental blockages and barriers
  • Active-Alert Hypnosis in sports
  • Milton hypnotic language model for the creation of own scripts
  • Flow states and Zone awareness
  • Movement and learning. How to use the active alert hypnosis for learning.
  • Exercises

Claude RibauxWho is Claude Ribaux?

For 25 years Claude Ribaux was engaged as manager in international health, investment and development projects. He also acted as a consultant in change processes and in conflict transformation and mediation in complex political environments, nationally and internationally. He has enjoyed many years of experience as Head of Department, Project Manager, and as Delegate.

Professional experience: Wide range of employment, including secondary level teacher and manager of integration centres for East Asian refugees in Switzerland. Then, for more than 12 years, worked at Swiss Red Cross; functions included Programme Manager, Delegate, Head of Department and Issue Manager. In these functions he managed the Mardan Eye Hospital in Pakistan and Eye Care programmes in Mid-Western Nepal. He implemented dozens of community-based and community-managed health care programs in Bangladesh and India. As a manager he was in charge of personnel selection, personnel management, including coaching, staff and concept development, strategy dialogue, project implementation and negotiation, conflict management, training and fundraising.

Since 1996 Claude Ribaux is the owner and director of GO. He worked for a number of European companies such as DaimlerChrysler, DHL, Swisscom, and UBS, as well as for governments and many NGOs as a consultant. He was engaged in more than 50 missions in international development or peace building, including such tasks as negotiating with the Indian Government after the Bhopal gas accident 1984 or training for the conflict parties in the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Make the most of your time at the workshop.

The course will be conducted in English with a SYMULTANIC translation into Polish. This means that there will be no losses in time for translation. Polish participants will not have to wait for translation. They will get special headphones to hear the voice of a live translator.

And you can participate in the worshops as there was not any translation at all.

What else will you get by participating in this training?

  • A participant’s manual containing all techniques and examples
  • Certificate of completion of the training signed by the instructor
  • Access to a closed, egnlish speaking discussion group – exclusively for graduate students

Where and when will the training take place?

This edition of Masters of Hypnosis workshops will be held in Warsaw from 11-12 November 2017.

The exact location will be announced soon.

What are the costs of participation?

Your investment in this training is 570€

Sign up now or call us at +48 606101501 for more information

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